Darven History

In brief, founded as Nebet, named after the Empress of Falca at the time, it started as a military outpost for the empire on the Crescent Sea. As the Falcan Empire grew decadent with many problems from those without and within, the empire withdrew support from the city.

Amidst the chaos, Darven stood and gathered the wealthiest and noblest families, and together, they calmed the town. Under Darven’s wise leadership, the Grand Council turned the town into a growing trading destination. The Council renamed the city after the man who had seen them through the tough times.

Today, the city is known for its textile exports and garments. Some of the best silk and wool crafters in the world are to be found in the Weaver’s Quarter. Other main exports are fine foods, wines and art. Darven also handles the majority of the banking for the Free Cities of the Crescent Sea, and its coins with their famous purity, are the standard coin for trade throughout the region. Most trade in the world is touched by Darven fingers at some point or another.

Old City and the Civic Ward
Temple Quarter
Docks Ward
Noble Villas
Weaver’s Quarter
The Necropolis
The Snarl
Petals District


The government of Darven is made up of the 12 major Houses on the House Council. There are many minor Houses, most allied with at least one of the major Houses, also in the city. The major Houses usually assign the basic tasks of running the city day-to-day to one (or more if they are feeling peckish) of their allied minor Houses, concentrating instead on increasing their own money and power and decreasing those of the other major Houses.

Recently, the Guilds have gotten larger and wealthier and are now pushing for at least one seat on the House Council.

House Ranks and Titles

Duke/Duchess – head of the House, addresses as “Your Grace” and given the honorific “Most Noble”.

Thegn – heir to the House, usually the eldest child of the head of the House. It causes great gossip if the eldest is not named heir, and even more gossip, bordering on scandal, if none of the Duke’s or Duchess’s children are named. Thegn’s are addresses as “Your Lordship/Your Ladyship” and given the honorific, “Most Honourable”.

Signore – all other House members, at least in public, by those outside the House. They are addressed as “Your Honor”, “Sir”, or “Dame” and given the honorific “Right Honourable”.

First Sword (of the House) – in charge of the House’s fighting forces, mercenaries, and training. Some Houses have a Second Sword rank, but not all. First Sword is addressed as “Your Excellency”. The First Sword is also the House Champion for martial duels of enough importance to the House.

First Arcanist (of the House) – in charge of the House’s arcane resources and training, though many Houses send those with arcane aptitude to one of the wizard schools for the basics. Addressed as “Your Excellency” and is the House Champion for spell duels of enough importance to the House.

An unofficial post that every House has, but no House admits in public, is Spymaster. Since it is unofficial, there are no forms of address or honorifics given to the person holding the post.


Darven coins are used throughout the Crescent Sea, and are known for their reliable purity. Using non-Darven coins in business means paying more, depending on how pure the coins are judged to be. Mostly, this means that Darven’s banking and moneylending interests are robust and make their owners wealthy.

  • Platinum coins, quite rare, are called Sovereigns.
  • Gold coins, the usual coin of trade, are called Crowns.
  • Silver coins, used for day to day living expenses of the middle class, are called Nobles.
  • Copper coins are called Guilders.

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