Darven. The largest of the Free Cities on the Crescent Sea. Abandoned by an empire, the Great Houses turned it into a major trading hub, despite their constant struggles against each other. A thriving textile industry regarded as the best in the world, combined with majority control of banking and money lending throughout the region, have given the city de facto control of the Crescent Sea.

Still, the Great Houses vie for more, and their honor is prickly. Plots and intrigues permeate the city as each House tries to gain an advantage without giving any up to another. Recently, the Guilds have gotten wealthy enough to challenge the centuries old rule of the Great Houses. And foreign powers are always looking for a weakness to exploit to gain their own foothold in the great city.

This is a lower magic Pathfinder game, starting at level 6. Humans only, half starting wealth. Looking for a blend of Three Musketeers, Zorro, and Romeo & Juliet. I am running this as a Play-by-Post on rpol.net and using Obsidian Portal to keep things organized.

Far More Dangerous